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Prepare for Apple Pay - Get Your Brand Ready in Three Steps

Posted by Sparkfactor on Sep 23, 2014 12:48:00 PM

With the announcement of Apple Pay on September 9, most companies are concerned with how it will affect them in-store. The new near-field communication technology from Apple will connect with the iPhone’s Touch ID to allow consumers to pay for products in-store using their phone, their fingerprint, and a contactless point-of-sale system.

What we're not hearing is how Apple Pay changes mobile purchasing and the giant opportunity for Apple to make consumers more accessible. Online stores connected to Apple Pay will allow users to pay using Touch ID online with the swipe of a finger. It simplifies purchasing to the point where mobile e-comm may finally be viable from a consumer perspective.

We give you three ways to digitally prepare for the roll out:

Prepare your website

When Apple Pay debuts in October, it will be available on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5. When it does, all eyes will be on retailers who adopt early and offer improved customer experience. When the conversation turns to your brand, give loyalists something to stand behind. Make sure your website is the best possible representation of your business. Whether you're selling online or not, make sure your mobile experience is up to par.

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Prepare your mobile store

If you do have an e-comm presence, the ante just went up, not only for checkout, but for more streamlined ways to interact throughout the shopping experience. In many cases, consolidating desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences into a responsive website design makes sense. Responsive simplifies upkeep, and has the power to offer a more consistent customer experience.

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Prepare yourself

Whether you're an Apple die-hard, or hesitant to jump on the bandwagon just yet, Apple Pay will change the competitive landscape. The story for mobile engagement changes as well. Competing with retail for your mobile users' attention extends to social and affects everyone.

Like any technology with the potential to disrupt, there's no short answer to how to prepare for Apple Pay. The good news is that with insight and effort, there are always new opportunities as a result of big change. Know your resources, partners, and strengths, and use them wisely in the transition.

If you're unsure of the right plan for your brand, Sparkfactor is always here to provide guidance. We've been fluent in digital since 1997. Contact us for a free consultation be ready to implement whatever new technology comes your way.

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