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Tips For A Successful Headshot

Posted by Sparkfactor

Jan 12, 2015 9:30:00 AM


When we take corporate headshots, either for branding, a website, or updating social media, the first question that's always asked is how to prepare. We think the answer is worth sharing—for our customers and for anyone stepping in front of the camera.  

Dress Code

IMG_7811Wondering what to wear for your headshot? Wear something you really like. This is the time to show off your favorite work outfit, the one that you feel represents you the best. The clothes you wear should make you comfortable and confident, which will shine through in the pictures.

We suggest wearing solid bold colors or simple patterns. Layering contrasting colors, like wearing a dark suit and tie with a lighter shirt in between, works well, too. But be mindful of colors that are too close to your skin tone and will wash you out.

Watch out for fine stripes, intricate patterns, and reflective fabrics. The finer the pattern, the more it tends to get distorted on film. Anything that's too reflective, including jewelry, can be hard to catch the light in the right way. Consider wearing a simple white or black shirt, if you're unsure, or a simple statement piece.

Final stage of wardrobe is to make sure everything is neat and pressed. And if in doubt about anything, bring a second outfit. Even if it's not what you'd wear every day, that's okay. Dress to be yourself.

Makeup and Hair 

AK_IMG_8527For most, the natural look is best. For hair, use just a little more product than you normally would, and keep the flyaways at bay.

With makeup, ladies, it's tempting to add more than usual, but trust us, a little goes a long way. Guys, if you're a little shiny, don't be afraid use some powder. News anchors use it every day (any reputable photographer ought to keep things confidential). 


Don_Machalinski_IMG_6462_CR_medOne of the biggest keys to a great headshot is comfort. We know what it's like not only to be behind the camera, but in front as well. Think of the place in your professional world where you feel most relaxed and in control. It could be at your desk, a chair in the conference room, or your favorite place to eat lunch. Wherever you feel most at home, let's go!

We'll help you come away with images that looks great and represent you. A happy person is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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