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OpenTable Benefits

Posted by Sparkfactor

Oct 14, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Have you ever forgot to book that ever-important dinner reservation? OpenTable might just be your lifesaver.

OpenTable has become a reliable and efficient way for customers to secure reservations at some of the greatest eating establishments not only in Chicago, but across the country. OpenTable combines the immediacy of reservations with the convenience of booking a table via the web or a mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

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OpenTable Widget Customization

Posted by Sparkfactor

Jun 4, 2014 5:06:00 PM

Restaurant-goers want a quick and efficient way to book reservations and, with mobile usage continually on the rise, they want it available no matter if they're on their smartphones, tablets, or desktops. Adding an OpenTable widget to your restaurant's website can not only boost incoming reservations, but also efficiency, as restaurant staff won't have to field as many reservation phone calls.

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