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Your Marketing Needs to Focus on More Than Just a Website

Posted by Sparkfactor

May 23, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Last week, HubSpot released its annual State of Inbound report. Every year, HubSpot surveys companies across the globe about their marketing and sales efforts in an attempt to understand the state of marketing, and inbound marketing specifically. A lot of information is compiled into this report, which you can read here.

Companies that seem satisfied that they've created a website and think that's all that's needed to survive in the digital landscape are wrong. As the State of Inbound report states, "Our respondents believe that having a website and blog is no longer enough to attract the attention of their buyers."

Fifty-five percent of marketers say they prioritize growing traffic to their company's website. At the same time, 63% of companies say their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads. With the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be hard to know how to engage your audience and bring them back to your website.

While you can make efforts to improve the SEO of your site to draw an audience in organically, it's also important to have other platforms pointing back to your website. These efforts, like all marketing efforts, should be done with purpose and provide relevant information to the audience you're trying to reach—you don't need to target the world. Here are some emerging trends from the State of Inbound report to consider when planning your marketing strategy.

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Pokemon GO // What It Is and How Small Businesses Can Win Big

Posted by Sparkfactor

Jul 13, 2016 9:45:00 AM

To say that Pokémon GO is the newest trend in gaming is an understatement. The augmented reality smartphone game plays off of the '90s nostalgia of millenials and the newest technology obsession of Gen Z-ers and since the game debuted last week, it is close to surpassing the number of Twitter's daily users. So what is this new game all about and how can your small business capitalize on its popularity?

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