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5 Important Reasons Why Your Business Marketing Needs Great Design

Posted by Marie Carroll on Dec 15, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Having a logo for your company is a step everyone knows is important, but not as many give as much thought to how the design of their marketing looks. Fonts, images, graphics, even their placement is valuable. Investing energy and time into these is much more crucial than you might think.

Continue reading for Sparkfactor’s 5 important reasons why your business marketing needs great design.

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Brighton Park and Archer Heights SSA #39 Brand Identity and Ad Campaign // Behind the Spark

Posted by Sparkfactor on Apr 19, 2018 8:30:00 AM

In Chicago, there are Special Service Areas (SSAs) throughout the city, streets that are economic thoroughfares in the neighborhood. SSAs are under local neighborhood organizations and provide services to business owners, like facade and building improvements and marketing and advertising of the area.

The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council has several SSAs under its care, one of which is SSA #39 Brighton Park and Archer Heights, which was established in 2007. These two lesser known neighborhoods on the Southwest Side of the city are connected through the SSA, which runs southwest down a portion of Archer Ave from California in Brighton Park to Pulaski in Archer Heights. The SSA commission wanted to create a brand identity and an ad campaign to increase the awareness of the area, not only to bring in more visitors from around the city and tourists that happen to pass through the transportation in the area, but also to encourage locals to see their neighborhood as a place to invest in with their time and money.

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OnDevon Brand Identity and Ad Campaign // Behind the Spark

Posted by Sparkfactor on Apr 12, 2018 8:30:00 AM

The Rogers Park Business Alliance has a few different City of Chicago Special Service Areas (SSAs) under its purview, including SSA #43. SSA #43 includes a good portion of Devon Avenue (a busy east/west street in Chicago) and a part of Western Avenue (the city's longest continuous street). SSA #43 wanted to develop a brand identity for the area and an ad campaign to draw people—city residents and tourists alike—to the businesses to boost the local economy and show off what Devon has to offer.

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9 Essentials Every Neighborhood Organization Website Must Have

Posted by Andrea Garcia on Apr 3, 2018 11:00:00 AM


Neighborhoods rely on local businesses to bring in visitors and revenue to the area. Some businesses can do a great job of marketing and advertising their own company, but often it's up to various neighborhood organizations to bring area businesses together to draw participation from local residents, city-wide visitors, and tourists.

The foundation for these organizations should be their website. It can be the first touchpoint for new visitors to the area and should show off a good first impression. The following website essentials should be considered when discussing a new or redesigned website.

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How This Year's Oscars Envelope Can Inspire Marketers

Posted by Andrea Garcia on Mar 6, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Last year, I wrote about the Oscar's Best Picture debacle and what marketers could learn from it when thinking about communicating information in print or in digital: add signals of importance (like bold or italics), make it easy to interpret, give readers room with white space, and use the inverted pyramid of importance to convey information. While we don't know if the card inside the envelope was any easier to read this year, we do know that the envelope itself was considerably easier to read, making it harder for the original error in last year's crisis to be repeated—Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the wrong envelope for the category they were presenting.

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focusIT Website and Marketing Materials

Posted by Sparkfactor on Feb 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM

When Arizona-based company focusIT needed to redesign their website, they came to Sparkfactor. They also wanted a consistent look across many deliverables, which all hinged on the design of the new website.

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7 Essentials Every Title Insurance Website Must Have

Posted by Andrea Garcia on Feb 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Sparkfactor is the Fidelity National Title Group's preferred website vendor. Fidelity affiliates can choose between a website template or a fully custom site, both of which are built specifically with title insurance companies in mind. But whichever you choose, do you know what should go into a title insurance website? Continue reading for the seven title insurance website must haves.

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How Title Companies Can Help Clients Be Less Susceptible to Scams

Posted by Andrea Garcia on Jan 23, 2018 9:00:00 AM

It seems as if every few months a new scam pops up in the news. Whether it targets Netflix watchers, Google users, or an individual, scams leave internet users vulnerable. Scams, of all forms, try to take advantage of people's assumptions to gain private information or money, or both.

In the past year, scams related to real estate purchases increased to nearly $1 billion. The trend in these cyberthefts is that scammers hack into title company or real estate agent email accounts, look for approaching big deals, pose as a reliable contact—complete with real-looking logos and accurate information—and ask for the purchase's money to be sent via wire transfer, with a link to the account. Once sent, the money goes into the account of the cyberthief, not the account of the legitimate company. Here are some ways your title company can make your web presence less susceptible to scam artists and help your audience be less susceptible as well.

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Now Is the Time to Migrate Your Website to HTTPS

Posted by Sparkfactor on Aug 31, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Starting this October, Google Chrome will show a "Not Secure" warning to users filling out a form on HTTP web pages or when using an HTTP page in incognito mode. This is showing Google's commitment to making the Internet a more secure place and shows Google's clear preference for websites that have secure certificates (HTTPS). This might not seem like a major development, but this seemingly insignificant change can have a big impact on the trust users have in your website and, in return, in your company.

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Navistar Connected Services Sweepstakes // Behind the Spark

Posted by Sparkfactor on Jul 21, 2017 11:30:00 AM


Navistar Connected Services recently introduced OnCommand Connection Telematics. This new device gives truck owners, operations, and fleets real-time advanced remote diagnostics, including vehicle inspection reports, fault code action plans, and hours of service.

To promote their new product, Navistar launched a sweepstakes, giving away an International Diamond Renewed Prostar truck to one lucky winner. Sparkfactor was hired to create a landing page and form for the sweepstakes, as well as photograph the prize truck.

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