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7 Essentials Every Title Insurance Website Must Have

Posted by Andrea Garcia

Feb 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM


Sparkfactor is the Fidelity National Title Group's preferred website vendor. Fidelity affiliates can choose between a website template or a fully custom site, both of which are built specifically with title insurance companies in mind. But whichever you choose, do you know what should go into a title insurance website? Continue reading for the seven title insurance website must haves.

General Info

Just like any other website, you have to have basic information: address, phone number, contact email addresses for all staff members. A common place to put this info is on a separate page, like a Contact Us or About page, but it should also be in a prominent place on the homepage and in the footer of the website. This makes it very easy for people who just want some quick general info to find it. Adding an embedded Google Map of your location is becoming standard practice, making it easier for visitors to get directions to your office.

Product and Services

Title insurance can be a foreign concept for many soon-to-be homeowners, so a page not only listing your company's products and services, but also explaining them will be helpful for potential clients. The descriptions of the product and services will also help with your website's search engine optimization (SEO) and help customers who are in need of your services to find your site easily.

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Resources, Rate Cards, and Order Forms

Whether it's all on one page or on individual ones, it's important to make resources, rate cards, and order forms available on your website. Resources could include links to county or state resources that clients will need to communicate with, or other local organizations that will important for the process. Rate cards and calculators will help clients know what to expect financially. Order forms—whether PDF downloads or secure online forms—should be conveniently accessible to potential clients.


A news section on your company's site doesn't have to be a routinely updated blog—although it could be. The news section could just outline different changes to title insurance or occasional updates from your company. A more in-depth blog could educate consumers about the need for title insurance and the intricacies involved, which would also improve SEO.

Responsive Template

More and more consumers use their mobile devices to visit websites on the go. So while clients might not be ordering title insurance from their mobile devices, they might be using cell phones or tablets to look up your office's address or sharing your company's name with others. Make sure that your website has a responsive template so that the ease of use of the desktop site also shines through on a mobile device.

Easy Navigation

The navigation menu should help site visitors easily identify what they're looking for and where they need to go. Simplify by using one or two words per menu option, with a clear font and size.


It's always important to have security measures in place on any website, especially ones that leads to high-value transactions. With the increase in cyberthefts in the real estate industry, your site needs to be protected. Spammers and malware love to take advantage of vulnerabilities, including forms unprotected by CAPTCHA, comment sections, and easy-to-guess passwords. Beef up your security and help prevent your site from being hacked. See how here.

Bonus: Google Local Business Listing

Technically, a Google Local business listing isn't on your website, but it is nonetheless essential in the eyes of your customer. A Google Local listing provides location, hours, and easy-to-use links on mobile to make a call, find directions, and visit the website. Keeping your Google Local page up-to-date is an easy way to help potential customers find title insurance companies in their area. Learn more about the benefits of a Google Local listing here.

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